Saturday, 14 February 2015

Promises - Poem

Wheat field image from Stockvault 


I will think of you
As the sun sets on wheat fields
I had said, convinced

Field rampaged, violent
Winds pushing continents a
part of me, of you.

We were mere strangers.
I discovered new wheat fields
Basked in the warm glow

The sun not setting
and the colours not fading
But I was a rose

With thorns too prickly
Oh, emotions - too needy
A tiger to be.

Two kites were broken
I'm the victim and culprit
Add another stripe.

Love(less) Poetry

Imaginary Garden With Real Toads


It was as a good a sign as any
That we bonded surrounded by fiction

Chatter in the midst of clearing spilled popcorn
Bonding by the lone chair in the space within the white walls

Sandwiched between two full theatres of people
Immersing themselves in others' lives.

I knew it wasn't real but still I somehow hoped
Attaching myself, more puppy than girl

But once we left credits rolled on..

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Oh, I Do Love Foxes

Foxes in February

Watercolour fox - © Kerridwen

It's #FoxyFeb again on Twitter, and for me, it means more poetry, more art, and more foxy things!

For tonight, a prompt from Imaginary Garden With Real Toads: Flash 55!

Imaginary Garden With Real Toads

I ended up not following the rhyme scheme.. it was too difficult! Maybe next time.

Foxy Feb

Cold bites our noses and wind tangles hair
Mornings are too dark and cold
But a hopeful sun seeps through the clouds
An orange hue spreads across the
Evening sky 
And it reminds me it's
Foxy Feb!
The month is brighter now
As I take to paper to celebrate
The majestic, cunning, fiery fox.