30 Poems in 30 Days 2012

I have decided to give NaPoWriMo a try. It will be the first time, as I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've heard of it, but that's alright, because I've also decided to get better at poetry recently, so this will help! I am aware I am already behind, but hope to catch up this week.. I just need to finish off some college work first, and then I can get writing. I hope you enjoy reading my poems, though I can't give any guarantee of quality!


Pink cherry blossom,
Singing robins fly by:
Red and pink in the wind.



I'm not happy with this one, but here it is anyway. After all, my goal is to experiment.


Is the sky on a Summer's day, fresh
Crisp and clean from Spring's rain which
Colours the mountains

In your eyes, when you were lost
Under dark clouds of a
Blue Monday,


What does that even mean anymore?



This very short poem is, I hope, an example of a 'Found Poem'. 


Solicit a road.
To travel by soliciting.
A free road,
 Ride along.



Inspired by Verbatim Poetry, I decided to try and write a 'verbatim poem'. The text is from Whittard of Chelsea's tea brewing instructions. (I have taken words and phrases out). I also tried to roughly follow the Haiku pattern.. It isn't really one, but oh well! These are all experiments.

Golden Rules of Leaf Tea Brewing

Always start with water
Pour on the water at boiling point,
Pour immediately.



I have decided to try Day One's Prompt - Writing a triolet. Triolets are French in origin, and likely date back to the 13th century. Thomas Hardy was a fan of triolets,
 and he recognized "the possibilities for melancholy and seriousness, if the repetition could be skillfully employed to mark a shift in the meaning of repeated lines."* One example is his poem "How Great My Grief". However, I don't expect I shall write a Hardy worthy triolet, so I apologize in advance if my triolet sounds terrible! Also, if you suddenly feel like reading more about Thomas Hardy, these blog posts mention him, with some poetry.

I Try To Write Some Poetry

I do not consider myself a good poet
Though I try to write some poetry.
I sit and write and sigh and yet
I do not consider myself a good poet.
So now I trawl the Internet
And feel a sense of rivalry.
I do not consider myself a good poet
Though I try to write some poetry.

I think the first repeated line is a bit too .. clunky sounding when reading out loud, but otherwise.. Well, it is my first triolet!

*Quote is from Poets.org



I want to try and write a poem about grief and regret, and I hope that one day, I will have changed enough to find what I have lost.. It's terrible, for a poem, but at this point in time I'm not bothered about my literary exploits..


No matter how hard I try,
I can't forget or

Now I just sit and cry.
I wish we could start

There is much sadness in the sky,
Too many memories flying by,

I don't believe that lack of happiness
Once existed and nothing was right
But I feel it just was lost and can be
 Found again,

I wait for the day you will remember me
And times we were happy,
See the person I've become and know that
You played a part and will feel

I am so sorry,
please forgive me.



I wrote this in a very short time, no editing.. It's not so good but I need to keep writing..

It rained today and I
Thought of you but
Didn't cry.

The sky was grey today and I
Remembered you but
Didn't cry.

The wind was cold today and I
Was mad at you but
Didn't cry.

I don't know why
I do not cry,
Perhaps the tears
Were lost as well,
On the very first night
I cried out my whole supply.

And still, I want to cry.



I'm on a bad poem roll... Sorry.

cut me off.
No more smiles
No more laughs
No more walks
Hate in your eyes.

Still the tears stay stuck.



I met up with someone I've known for a while today, but had never met in person. It was quite exciting. I've no idea what form this is, it doesn't seem to have anyway, just went with the flow.. It's so exciting to let go of perfectionism sometimes! 

Meeting In The City

See you at two!
Phone. Keys. Downstairs. 
Run back up, forgot my
Phone, it's like part of me.
Running. Late. 
Train station, add money on card and
Quick onto the platform here
Comes the train jump on it and sit and 
Plugged in.
Stare out window this song is so great I am
In another world!

London Bridge here we are,
Off I get, don't let the Shard poke you 
though today it won't
Blind you, no sun.
Walk fast, past
Tall people, short people, I feel superior.
The Tube

Swallows us up, we disappear
Into the dark mouth of this creature.
Late, I am late!
Oval Station teaches me happiness today.
I run to catch the bus,
Vauxhall here I am, watch
Out for spies.

Here we are, now we meet, 
Let London introduce us.



Day 21's Prompt, a hay(na)ku. How do people write good ones?? Anyway this one is connected to number nine, it's still about meeting that person. 

London Connects

London connected
Two more people.

The Thames
To Tate Britain

Art create
More interesting conversations.

Of course,
Played a part!



Prompt 22 was to write about a plant.. Here we go!

Basil Plant

Basil Plant
Was tiny when I got him.
"Buy me", he seemed to say and
I took him home.

He should be Basil Plant Two
But I don't call him that.
He lives in the kitchen and
Happily grew.

Now Basil Plant 
Is flowering and I admit
I am surprised he made it that far,
I am a terrible gardener.

Braver, I took a chance
With little seedlings so
Basil would have friends.
They are growing well,
But only time will tell.

But Basil Plant will always be
My favourite.



Blurred Perception

It was a good moment
When she said she'd been wrong
And what she did wasn't meant,
So we could now go on.

The relief, however
Was short lived.
As I hugged her
All blurred and left.

I woke up alone, feelings adrift.



Day 25's prompt. (Yes, we are the 25th and I am so behind!) Creating centos is not that easy..

Lead Me Out Into The Night

The lives I live make life a death.
Towards evening,
Knowing the virtues that I lack, I
Cannot beg for pardon,
Telling you all would take too long.
I haven't hope. I haven't faith.
And soon, my friend,
Let's invite something new
Before the urge in me grows less. 
We cannot cage the minute,
It glitters icy, thin and plain.
We shall have no time for dances.

I added one word and deleted another, and those are all the changes I made.

Poems Used:



Tonight I have died
Behind purple smudges, lines,
There is nothing left.



I Just Want To Forget

I wanted wheat fields,
So I'd remember you. Now
I want to forget.



Little Blue Dress

She faces the West, 
Staring at an unknown,
Eyes focused on inner clouds.

Shining golden in the late sun,
Her eyes brim with emptiness,
Save for a hint of long lost joy.

And though she does, does try her best,
A tear escapes, just one, alone,
Goes unnoticed through the crowd.

It seems I blinked and she was gone,
Taking her thoughts in a mess
Sadness wrapped in a little blue dress.



An idea that came to me whilst chatting with a few people.. My poems are downgrading by the minute..! 

I Offer You A Glass

 I offer you a glass
You may fill it as you wish 
Fill it to the half 
Or to the brim 
Let it overflow 
Leave it empty 
Or break it. 

 It can contain
Anything you want 
Store your tears in here 
Or have it full of joy. 
Perhaps your glass
Is empty, 
Half full, 
Or shattered, 
But it never really mattered. 
What matters is the liquid, you see.



Someone asked me to write about muffins, I think as joke.. Well, I did it anyway.


Oh! Muffins!
You delight me so, 

The English ones are so quaint
And stand so proud,
Like a Sir.

American muffin, 
I like you with chocolate chips,
Or double chocolate! 
I break off your head to
Eat it last.

But English muffins, 
Have the class. 
They can be toasted 
Just like scones, 
And eaten with clotted cream, 
Washed down with tea.

Oh! Muffins!
You delight me so.



Student Life #1

Evades my mind,
Just won't let me write it.
I have all the sources I need,
No will.



Student Life #2

Exam day:
Studied for months,
Forget everything 
The moment you sit and pick up
Your pen.


It is over! I am ten poems short, but it has been a busy month, so I'm not too upset.. I shall leave this page open for a little while longer, then I shall make a new one with just a few poems I like.. And maybe I'll start a new challenge of my own! 


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