Tuesday, 23 April 2013

#16 - Poem For The Broken Hearted

I am not sure what I did here.. Even my own poetry mystifies me!

I'm writing poetry and thinking of you.
Sometimes I see you around the river
Until you fade away - a memory.
I liked your hair tonight
You always look great,
I'm not just saying that.
I see you in touches of blue
I feel then things will be better
Honestly, I'm nearly crazy -
You were always right -
So now I just wait -
Wait, wait for what?

For now I'll just remember
These months won't last forever
And I long for the summer.
I'll meet you in the sunshine
Between cups of tea and drinks
Amongst trees and in the dusty streets.
When we walk and walk and
The day seems to last forever -
A lazy evening, and then -
It was then that we braved the river
The air was warm - an Indian summer.

The streets are marked by you
The poems carry a line
A mark, a voice of you.
It's not crazy, is it,
To feel this way?
Don't blame me but
Blame my heart.
Wretched heart.

Still, you and I both know
We prefer it that way.
How tedious to have a heart
Which plays the role of our brain!
I'll keep loving and losing -
That or never feel again.
Think of all the beauty in
All the poems would be lost
In time, like the seasons.

I'm off to the mountains
I'm living through my thoughts
And when I come back-

What, then?
I can't stay living through a dream
Can I?


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